Gauntlet and Hotkeys

Small update to add configurable Hotkeys to the game and to change the Gauntlet

  • Hotkeys can now be changed for spells 1-5 in the settings (Default keys 1-5)
  • Hotkeys for Inventory (I), Spells(S) and Stat Points (P) can also be changed in the settings
  • Hotkeys for spells now appear on screen
  • Upgraded engine to Unity 5.6
  • Fixed pathing hole in Mountain Path run
  • Snowy rocks visuals changed in Cold North run
  • Fixed performance issue with 'Wind Spirit' enemy
  • The Gauntlet layout has been redone
  • Gauntlet size is about 75% smaller
  • Gauntlet now spawns 35 enemies per wave (down from 50)
  • Gauntlet changes should mean less walking and more fighting, also benefits area of effect skills more

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Version 4 Jun 01, 2017

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