Easy Update

Quick update to the game to fix some minor issues and do some balancing.

  • The intro now gives the player a Common Axe at the start
  • Intro rocks now move instead of disappearing, making the exit path clearer
  • Can no longer 'spam' intro to get reward without redoing the quest
  • Fixed some of the pathing issues in the intro
  • Intro dialog time reduced to 4 seconds
  • Readjusted enemy hp and damage; more at the start but scales better
  • Substantially easier to level now. This will let you experience the content faster
  • Runs now spawn less enemies at lower levels. This ranges from 25 at level 0, to 75 at level 100
  • Drop rate increased from 1 in 20 to 1 in 13 chance of an enemy dropping an item
  • Goblins now have -25 slash resistance up from -50
  • The Gauntlet now spawns about 3 bosses per Gauntlet Level
  • The game's default theme is now correct and no longer shades of grey


serious-arpg-windows-alpha.zip 77 MB
Version 3 May 17, 2017

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