Fall Update

This update brings a lot of the changes from Serious Arena as well as some menu redesign and balance changes.

Some Changes

  • More ultimate items
  • No longer sell items for gold, instead you disenchant them for magic
  • Enchant items with magic increasing their level, changing their stats or how good those stats are
  • Simple mode for item stats (can be toggled off in settings)
  • Runs and Gauntlet are no longer progression locked
  • Item drop tables have been changed; you can see the unique drops per run in the level selection screen
  • Ice spear spell has been added and can be accessed through certain items
  • Item drop chance has been increased
  • Experience gain is more linear being slower at the start but higher levels won't be as much of a leap
  • Intro level has been changed for better pathfinding
  • Lightning Bolt now waits for a target after being clicked, instead of striking where the button is
  • Fixed some smaller issues with the Stats and Spells panels
  • Health is now at its maximum when you start a level regardless of your gear and stats


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Version 5 Oct 25, 2017

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