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Get ready to crash your car in this ramptastic game as you send your car hurtling towards victory! Buy upgrades to pump your car up and send it farther and faster into oblivion.


  • Launching a Car off a Ramp
  • 10 unique upgrades to buy with tons of levels
  • 10 medals to earn
  • Obstacles to avoid
  • Near infinite gameplay


  • Press W or the Accelerate button to accelerate the Car
  • Press D or the Boost button to use a boost (once unlocked)
  • Press Y or the Medals button to see your medals
  • Click on Upgrades to buy them in the Upgrade shop, if you have enough money
  • Press Escape (or Back) to access the menu and Press the Unstuck menu option if you get stuck or just want to try a launch again.


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Version 4
CarLaunch.apk 38 MB
Version 4

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Really nice gameplay. What is pressing Enter supposed to do?

Great game, your chance to be Evil Knievel!

Thanks! Great Let's Play. 

  • I'll be looking at adding in a height measure so you can tell how high you are in the sky
  • The road markers are every 80 meters, not 100 which is why the distance doesn't line up with them. I just wanted them to be close enough so you don't feel 'lost', but I might change this
  • Acceleration really does less and less as the game goes on because of the ramp and runway
  • Earnings increases your money earned by 10% per level
  • I have got some other suggestions as well and will be rolling them into a future patch. Not sure when I'll get to it though.

Thanks Orsalius, i love the idea of a height measure, great idea! Thanks for the tips, look forward to the patch whenever that happens.

love the game!

how do i reset it to the start?


In the Menu (press escape or back) there is an Unstuck button that will reset the car back to the start.

If you want to reset the game(reset the upgrades to 0) I'll be adding a patch soon that lets you do that.

The patch is now live that lets you reset the game save data, so you can start again fresh.