Quick Word Search Launch!

Quick Word Search has just launched!

This is a word search game. I wanted to make a quick game I could knock out in a day or two.  There are 36 replayable word searches that are timed (although this is hidden it can be turned on in the settings). It is a casual game, and there is an Android and Windows version. The game doesn't take too long to play, and you could beat it in under a few hours. Future additions to this game (if wanted) would be more puzzles, random puzzles, and generate a word search from your own list of words.

As always feedback is welcome! Tell me what you like or don't like about the game so I can make it better, and build better games in the future!

For my next project I will probably release another small game or finish a "Match 3" game I have been working on.  In the near future I still plan on releasing Android versions of some of my other titles once some issues with the controls have been resolved.

Development Details (for those who may be curious)

  • Built using Unity 2017.1
  • There are only 9 unique classes in this game, making it the game with the smallest codebase I have made on Itch
  • Asset Bundles are used to separate project parts and for dynamic loading
  • Created with the TemplateGame library I made that I use for all my games
  • First game I finished with a new system for content data using scriptable objects and code generation
  • Prototype of the game took 1/3 of time, content took 1/4 of the time and polishing and ironing out features and bugs took the rest


quick-word-search-windows.zip 14 MB
Version 2 Oct 03, 2017
WordSearch.apk 24 MB
Version 1 Oct 03, 2017

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