Cube Tiers 2 - Holiday Fixes

Patch 7 fixes a bunch of bugs, adds Gifts and paves the way for Multiplayer

New Features

  • Gifts have been added to the game. This are small presents you can kick around. 
  • Gifts are crafted with a Trunk and Grass by yourself and are unlock in Tier 1
  • Quest Tracker/Log now has a hotkey reminder button in the top bar (L)
  • This is the pre-multiplayer patch, lots of internal networking has been added to ready the game for multiplayer


  • The position and rotation of tools you hold have been slightly changed
  • Spawn locations have changed. They are still in the same small starting area.


  • Explosion visual effects now appear properly
  • Fixed a bug where equivalent crafting materials (eg. different types of trunks) could not be used in place of each other
  • Fixed a logical error where the research to get wooden tools (needed to mine stone), required stone to research
  • Fixed a bug where the world configuration could fail to save
  • Fixed a bug in mod stitching that would cause grass to get replaced by your custom cubes


Cube Tiers 2 45 MB
Version 9 Dec 22, 2017

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