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Patch 4 adds Modding to the game. So far you can create Mods and create your own modded cubes for them.

This patch has breaking changes to save files, as most of the saving has been redone for the modding system.

New Features

  • Mods are now in the game
  • You can create Mods in the Mod Editor available from the menus
  • You can view the Vanilla mods that comprise the game normally in the editor
  • Click on a Mod then on the Cube icon at the top to see the Cubes for that mod
  • Can create custom Cubes for mods
  • You can set the name, description, color, strength, default tool, and movement speed bonus for cubes
  • You can also set the cube texture from a choice the textures used in the vanilla mods as well as a few extra


  • The Choose Mode screen now has 2 options, Vanilla and Custom
  • Vanilla games are with only the built-in default mods
  • Custom games let you choose which mods to include
  • Player files are now saved with JSON for better maintainability between versions
  • Placeable objects are now saved with JSON for better maintainability between versions


  • Bug where terrain would refuse to reload after leaving an area and coming back to it
  • Bug where the player would hover too long after getting unstuck

Making a Quick Mod

  • Choose Mod Editor
  • Click on an empty slot at the bottom of the mod list
  • Enter the name of your mod, brief description and an 'author name'
  • The identifier is unique per mod. If two mods have the same identifier the game will get confused?
  • Using reverse domain name notation with your mod name for an identifier is good practice (com.domain.modName)
  • After you are done click on your mod in the list and then in the cube icon at the top
  • Click the plus icon to add a new cube
  • Choose a name (1 to 2 words) and fill in a description for your cube
  • Click on the image on the left to pick a texture, and then use the color selector to tint the texture
  • Strength is the power of tool required to harvest the cube. Generally: 2 for wood, 4 for stone, 8 for iron, 12 for steel, 20 for titanium
  • Speed Bonus will multiply your speed by that amount when walking over it. 1 is normal speed, 2 is double speed, 0.5 is half speed
  • Best Tool is the tool you expect the player to gather the cube with
  • Click back to return to the mod editor and back again to return to the menus
  • Go and create a Custom game
  • Click on your new mod in the list and toggle the active button
  • Create your game
  • In game you can use the cheat code 'give <amount> <cube>' to give yourself the cube

Note: Once you have created a game you cannot add or remove mods from the game. You can edit the mods and see the changes in the world though.


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