Patch 3 adds conveyor belts and some plank building objects to the game.

New Features

  • Copper wire and electronic circuits have been added to the game as components
  • Conveyor Belts have been added to the game. Placing an object on a conveyor belt will move it in the conveyors direction
  • Conveyor Belts are made with Copper Wire, Rubber, Iron and can be made on person
  • Conveyor belts snap on top of cubes
  • Long Planks have been added to the game. These are 5x0.15x1 placeable objects that can be used to make ramps, bridges, etc.
  • Long Planks are crafted with 3 Planks on person and are unlocked as soon as you can make planks
  • Plank Bases have also been added to the game. These are 5x0.15x5 objects that make good platforms
  • Plank Bases are crafted with 15 Planks on person and are unlocked along with Long Planks
  • Seesaw Base has been added to the game.  This is a half cube, have cylinder of stone that with some luck can be combined with a Long Plank to make a seesaw
  • Seesaw Base is craftable at the Anvil for 3 Stone


  • [Modding] Crafting and Research Ids solidified to get ready for modding
  • Clean up of some internal systems
  • Internal changes to texture locations for better asset bundling


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Version 5 Dec 07, 2017

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