Cannon Nap

Patch 2 adds Cannons, Beds and Compasses to the game

New Features

  • Cannon added to the game. Cannons fire Cannon Balls which will blast through the environment.
  • Right-clicking on a Cannon with a Cannon Ball and Saltpeter in your inventory will fire the Cannon
  • Cannons are built with Steel at the Anvil
  • Cannon Balls were also added and are built with Iron at the Anvil
  • Cotton added to game, and can be found (for now) in Grass
  • Bed added to game. Sleeping in a bed makes time travel 10 times faster
  • Bed can be crafted with Cotton and Planks by yourself
  • Compass added to the game. Compass shows a pointer in the direction of the world start when in your inventory
  • Compass can be crafted with Iron from the Anvil
  • Fences added to game. Fences block movement in a 3x1x1 area.
  • Fences can be crafted with Planks by yourself


  • The limit on horizontal World Size was removed, was previously 25x8x25 now is only height limited to 8


  • Fix an issue where loading chunks too far from the origin would prevent further chunks from loading
  • The Loading screen will now properly show when loading a world


Cube Tiers 2 45 MB
Version 4 Dec 06, 2017

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