Toxic Rain and Trees

This first patch introduces more tree variety and toxic rain storms.

New Features

  • Trees now have differing heights
  • Added Jungle Trunk and Pine Trunk cubes to the game and their associated trees
  • Added another type of Leaves to the game
  • Added crafting material groups so that things like different types of trunks can all be used in the same recipe
  • Toxic Rain storms will now form over a 2 by 2 chunk area every minute (chunks are 16 by 16 cubes in area)
  • Toxic Rain drops deal 1 damage. Build shelter to protect against the rain and eat food to restore lost health


  • You can now drag and drop items between inventories as well as click to transfer
  • [Modding] Internally the Ids of Items and Tiles have been solidified as a step toward the modding system


  • Cheap explosives now actually explode, have fun


Cube Tiers 2 45 MB
Version 3 Dec 05, 2017

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