Cube Tiers 2 in Development!

I'm developing the sequel to Cube Tiers!

I have wanted to continue working on Cube Tiers for awhile now, but the older code base had kept me away. So I decided to make the sequel. Tons of internal changes, new user interface, cleaner code, fixed bugs, nicer shader and I have the start to a new game.  This game is in development so some things might not work as expected, and I will be adding more features, items, cubes... in the future. Some major features I'm planning on adding are multiplayer and modding support.

As always feedback is welcome! Tell me what you like or don't like about the game so I can make it better, and build better games in the future!

I'm planning on putting out updates for this game for awhile so no new projects for a bit.

Development Details (for those who may be curious)

  • Built using Unity 2017.1
  • Asset Bundles are used to separate project parts and for dynamic loading
  • Created with the TemplateGame library I made that I use for all my games
  • Most of the UI was rebuilt from scratch as well as a lot of the internal systems, but Cube Tiers was the starting point


    Cube Tiers 2 45 MB
    Version 2 Dec 04, 2017

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